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Writing Prompts for Grief

Something I have dabbled with on and off during the last couple of years is writing as a way to reflect on and heal from challenges life throws my way. Last summer I read Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief and it had an entire chapter on the healing power of writing, along with a list of writing prompts.

The first set is mostly for fun, to get you into the swing of things. I have gone through a few of them, and plan to share them on the blog periodically. You can write about anything, but I have been challenging myself to relate these prompts to Leo's loss. The author Cheryl Strayed provided this list:

  • A time when you realized you were mistaken

  • A lesson you learned the hard way

  • A time you were inappropriately dressed for the occasion

  • Something you lost that you’ll never get back

  • A time when you knew you had done the right thing

  • Something you don’t remember

  • Your darkest teacher

  • A memory of a physical injury

  • When you knew it was over

  • About being loved

  • What you were really thinking

  • How you found your way back

  • The kindness of strangers

  • Why you could not do it

  • Why you did

The end of the book provided a list of memory related prompts to go through:

  • I remember when…

  • I loved it when you…

  • It always made me laugh when you…

  • The first time we met was

  • You were so good at

  • You were most you when you were doing…

  • You taught me

  • You were happiest when you

  • The funniest thing that ever happened to you was

  • You always wanted to

  • Your favorite song was

  • Your favorite food was

  • Your favorite hobby was

  • Your favorite clothes were

  • Your favorite movie was

  • Your favorite book was

  • Your favorite holidays were

  • You got through hard times by doing

  • You were admired for being

Do you write as a way to process and reflect?

Sending love and healing.

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