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A Letter to Summer

Dear Summer,

You drained me. I had a blast! Really, I did. Though... the fast pace challenged me and made time go way to fast.

All of the time spent at the pool, splash pads, and farmers market filled my cup in the way that only summer can. The skinned knees and sunscreen smell that just doesn't go away despite the nightly baths. The "smelling" of flowers that is really just a toddler smashing them into her face couldn't have been sweeter. The tomatoes, fresh cheese and bread, endless garden salads, and red hots on repeat filled my belly in the way that only summer can.

And yet...

I'm ready.

For the soothing shift to cooler temperatures, warming foods, and time spent in front of the fire. For early darkness and slow, quiet mornings. For meditating in my warmest pajamas with my dog curled up at my feet. For the gathering of friends and family around celebratory tables.

In truth, summer, I am a Fall and Winter girl at my core. As I have gotten older I crave the acts of hibernation that those seasons call for. I also feel more deeply called to what nature does during the fall and winter months. I love your hydrangeas, can't live without them! I just feel most at one with the world when the weather is gray and cool, with the smell of fallen leaves and bonfires filling the air. If I could infuse myself with Mother Earth during this time, I would.

You are probably laughing at me, because come March I will be begging for your sweet return. For now, I am acknowledging my body's readiness to shift as August comes to a close and the official start of Autumn is looming. I will miss you and am always filled with gratitude for your blessed warmth, color, and flavors. Goodbye for now.



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