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Loving Moms Through Loss

Classes now available on my
YouTube channel

My Story 

On April 20th, 2019 I was 22 weeks and one day pregnant with my son Leo when I delivered him in the Emergency Department at a local hospital. While my husband and I thought what happened to me was a miscarriage, we learned that our baby was actually alive. He was intubated and whisked off to the NICU while I was taken to the Mother Baby Unit for postpartum care. 

Fast-forward 13 exhausting but love-filled days in the NICU (where we received the best care from the most incredible people), Leo died in our arms late in the night on May 3rd. 

What followed was the most painful experience I never thought I would have to go through. Lactation suppressionpostpartum healing, burying and grieving my baby. It was unbearable. But through it all I felt a calling to get back on my yoga mat. 

It turned out to be my salvation. 

In the time since his death, I have received my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training, my Pre and Postnatal training, and my Trauma Recovery Yoga Teacher Training, all so that I can bring you this. 

The Program

Loving Moms Through Loss is a FREE monthly yoga and meditation series designed to hold space for women who have experienced any kind of pregnancy and/or infant loss. Any pregnancy, any loss, is welcome here. 

Research shows how effective yoga and meditation are for trauma recovery, stress reduction, pregnancy, postpartum, and really so many more things. 

Here's how yoga and meditation helped me in those early days: 

  • I made peace with and connected to my body after hating it for failing me

  • Reduced overall stress and anxiety 

  • Furthered my spiritual practice

  • Enhanced my therapy experience 

  • Developed beautiful friendships with loving people 

Yoga continues to be my lifeline today and still provides me with those benefits. It also helps me to feel strong and confident in my body and myself. 

So join me, once a month at via YouTube. Honor your grief and trauma, heal, connect with women who have a shared experience. 

What you will get: 

  • A journal for intention setting, reflection, and writing to our angel babies 

  • At least one meditation per class

  • FREE yoga! Did I mention free? Yes, free. 

We will do a variety of yoga from gentle vinyasa to moon salutations to yin. Join me in healing. 


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